Infinity Framework

infinity framework a fivem framework build on qbcore but has its own unique additional work aswell as an build in anticheat and web files
Infinity Framework
Infinity is a framework that is build on its own adaptation from QB back since 2020 but is simply 20 steps ahead of qbcore itself, basicly for the fact that it is build on Onesync Infinity which means and is proven to handle 200+ players.
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Overview Feature list Copyright info

A stable FiveM Infinity ready framework build on QBCore but alot of extra features but the most important one is it is capable of having 200+ players due to the fact that it is build on onesync infinity.
Users that are fimilar with ESX and its nicely features like identity cards etc are at the right place to buy this wonderful piece of art.

We have the official Infinity rightfully owner in our discord with the needed roles and capability to answer anyone's question, support is given fixes aswell!

This is THE server you need if you want to start up in a matter of minutes, cars and mlo's included runs also fine on regular Onesync but has the prefer to run on Infinity and mumble server capability.

Server will be delivered with the following features:

Rich environment of the core.

Build in Anticheat, detects anything you throw at it.

Beertender, Truck driver, Forklifting, Diving, Sea salvaging, Mining, Garbage, Postman, Bank Truck Driver, Butcher, Burgershot, Fishing, Tow Truck, Taxi, Grapeyard, Woodcutting and alot more

Illegal content:
New ways of drugfarming, unique effects aswel as some cool features like using a laptop for recieving coords to new drugs and so on
Open weed fields
Steal copper from the trainyards

Complete Skill-tree, train your character to the max everything you do earns your character specific skills for example:
Alot of training on the weights make your punches more powerful when actually fighting another player
So in a perspective way everyone will skill differently and combining it all together can either be a very good team or a complete failure.

Also included:

Interactive ID and Driverlicense, with your own character photo and details on them in the chat when using one of these items.​
Text2Speech menu's on a natural way via the best plugins written inside the core​
ECash Crypto live course and system in the phone​
Sounds are 3D and Serversided. So if anyone would call you for example the people in a circle of 2 meters around you also hear your phone ringing just like IRL.​
New Garage: Park your vehicle anywhere, and retrieve it via the Radialmenu (F1)​
Boatshop + Garage​
Helicopter Garage + Shop​
New Lottery UI​

....Its alot of content to write and i'm sure i am missing some features..
It is working fantastic and has all required web files needed for everything to work properly.
It includes an own MDT written to work on this framework, without issues.

You can not recieve these web files as the mdt or upload process of avatars elsewhere, it is exclusively sold only trough this website.

This is a full on package, and totally different then pepe or lotus just by the fact its 200+ slots ready, just that alone takes things a bit higher, the system is exclusively sold here, and here only.

If you find it elsewhere please report it to us, so we can take action.

Languages: Dutch,
translations are in the making you need to create your own LANG.lua which will be explained asap via this website once the process of this is done.

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